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Are you thinking about selling your home?

Not all brokerages are created equally. Experience, through years of providing the highest standards of quality, is what makes it possible for us to give you the personalized, professional service that you deserve.

Our team of experts are ready to help you get the maximum price in the shortest time period. We start by providing a comparative market analysis and providing advice to get the best price possible. We handle all aspects of marketing your home, ensuring that your home gets maximum exposure so that your home isn’t a needle in a haystack.

Let's start with a comparative market analysis.
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Home specifications

Marketing Your Home

We offer a comprehensive & custom marketing plan that allows your home to reach out to the right audience through online advertising, print advertising, printed material and professional photography.

Professional Photography

Each home we list receives a professional photo shoot and property evaluation by our entire Team. High-resolution photos and 360-degree images are taken and will be used in our virtual tours, print materials, and advertising. Aerial Photography via helicopter and Elevated Photography via crane is also used to capture everything the property has to offer.

Online Presence

When your home is listed with Le Reve Real Estate, it will receive the best available exposure online as outlined in our Marketing Plan. Your home will be featured on through Featured Homes and Showcase Homes and displayed on a multitude of other national and internationally recognized websites.

Printed Materials

We create premium quality brochures for each of our listings featuring the professional photos which will be placed in the home for showings and open houses and thereafter as an attractive and informative reference sheet for both buyers and agents. Floor plans, plats, surveys, or school profiles can be included.

Print Advertising

Our targeted advertising explained in our individualized Marketing Plans ensure that your home is getting the proper exposure.