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About Us

Welcome to Le Reve Real Estate, a top provider of real estate services in Maryland. We are conveniently located in central Howard County and are committed to providing the finest real estate service throughout the area.

We believe that shelter is not only one of the most basic necessities but often part of a greater dream. It is our core responsibility to protect that dream.

Le Reve Real Estate is composed of outstanding agents that share the same values, we just happen to sell real estate.

Experience, through years of providing the highest standards of quality, is what makes it possible for us to give you the personalized, professional service that you deserve. Whether you are a first time home buyer, a current homeowner looking for a change, or an investor, a few good reasons to choose Le Reve Real Estate are:

  • In-depth community and market knowledge
  • Marketing savvy
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • A high quality professional network

We truly have one-stop shopping when it comes to buying, selling, and leasing residential or commercial real estate. Experience our commitment to protecting your dream. Feel free to browse our website for more specific information to meet your needs.

If you have any more questions, we’d be happy to help! Don’t hesitate to call, 1 (301) 854-2155 or simply Contact Us!